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Founders of Jagruti Mahila Mandal (2001-2003)

These wonderfull people made it all possible

How Jagruti Mahila Mandal was born?

Jagruti Mahila Mandal Mumbai was established on 22nd April, 2001 with the strength of 77 members, along with Shri Surati Modh Vanik Jagruti Mandal-Mumbai, under the inspirational leadership of Late Shri Ishwarbhai Dhabuwala. This mandal acts as a Ladies Wing of the main Shri Surati Modh Vanik Jagruti Mandal Mumbai. His aim was to unite our community members, living in far flung suburbs of Mumbai. Mahila Mandal’s aim was also similar, i.e. to get the ladies out of their homes, connect with other ladies of our community and come close to each other by celebrating community festivals, doing charity drives and camps.

The founder ladies at this time were Mrs. Daminiben Dhabuwala, Mrs. Varshaben Lapsiwala, Mrs. Kiranben Patel, Miss. Bhanuben Randeria and Miss. Chhayaben Dhabuwala. Late Shri Chandrakantbhai Lapsiwala also gave his guidance to these ladies. These ladies are truly to be credited for formation of the early Mahila Mandal. They personally travelled to far flung homes of our community members, got the ladies interested and got them registered in this Mandal as members.

The first registration fees were taken as follows:

Rs 100 for yearly membership.
Rs 1000 for lifetime membership.

In the beginning, all these ladies ran the Mandal together cooperatively.

A Notable Modheshwari Mata Temple in Mumbai (2008)

The Modheshwari Mata Murti’s Pran Pratistha in Gorakshdham Nij Seva Ashram Temple was done on Mahasud Baras on 18/02/2008. The Pran Pratistha was done by Mrs. Kiranben Patel, our past Vice-President of Jagruti Mahila Mandal. Every year on Mahasud Teras, Mataji’s Patotsav is celebrated here. On this day, various Pooja & Havan is performed. Devotees can book their names for performing this havan. Nearly 150 – 200 people of Modh Community attend this celebration. Free sweets like – Mohanthal and other dry snacks are distributed as prasad. People wishing to arrange special Pooja or Mataji’s Havan are welcome here throughout the year.

Timings of the temple – 5.30am – 12.00pm and 4.00pm – 9.00pm.

Address – Gorakshdham Nij Seva Ashram, Cascade Compound, Kulupwadi Road, Borivali (east), Mumbai – 400066.

Enquiry Contact no – Mrs. Kiranben Patel – 9869586225.

Past Working Committee (2004-2013)

  1. Smt. Varshaben Lapsiwala  –  President
  2. Smt. Kiranben Patel  –  Vice-President
  1. Smt. Prabhavati Patel  –  Vice-President (2008 onwards)
  2. Smt. Mamta Randeria  –  Treasurer (2008 onwards)

Working of the Jagruti Mahila Mandal (2004-2013)

In 2004, Mrs. Varshaben Lapsiwala was elected as the President of the Mandal, Mrs. Kiranben Patel was elected as the Vice-President. The meetings of the Mandal were held at various Mahila member’s home. Various demonstrations, calcium detection camp, gynac camp were held during their tenure. During this time a very active social worker from our community Mrs. Prabhavati Patel also joined in. She helped them actively in organizing various programs, activities, entertainment programs and made food arrangements for the meetings. Seeing the difficulties of organizing Mandal meetings in private homes of Mahila member’s, Mrs. Prabhavati Patel offered a venue for doing so on a regular basis.

By 2008, taking into account her selfless contribution to the Mandal, she was elected Joint Vice-President with Mrs. Kiranben Patel. Around this time Mrs. Mamta Randeria was elected as Treasurer. The membership stood at 90 registered members.

Past Working Commitee (2014 – 2022)

These wonderfull people make it all possible

  1. Smt. Prabhavatiben Patel  –  President
  2. Smt. Mamta Randeria  –  Vice-President
  3. Smt. Jagruti Asmani  –  Treasurer
  4. Smt. Jayshreeben Dadarwala  –  Committee Member
  5. Smt. Minaxiben Choksi – Committee Member
  1. Smt. Madhavi Mody – Committee Member
  2. Smt. Jyoti Chapatwala – Committee Member
  3. Smt. Deepa Khatiwal – Committee Member
  4. Smt. Kasmira Mehta

Advisory Committee (2014 – 2022)

These wonderfull people make it all possible

  1. Smt. Dr. Daminiben Dhabuwala
  2. Smt. Varshaben Lapsiwala
  1. Miss. Bhanuben Randeria
  2. Smt. Kiranben Patel

Working of the Jagruti Mahila Mandal (2014 – 2022)

In 2014, Mrs. Prabhavati Patel was elected as the President of the Mahila Mandal. Mrs. Mamta Randeria was elected as the Vice-President. The current Working and Advisory Committee was also appointed.

Various charity activities like donations of essential materials and cash to Mother Teresa Orphanage and cancer patients were done. Human Milk Donation Camp in Surat was conducted with the aid of 4 Mahila Mandals of Surat. Regular festival mahotsavs like Navratri Mahotsav, Winter Ponk Party, religious one day yatra to temples in the holy month of Shravan and Adhik are also undertaken. Picnics to manufacturing factories, resorts, tourist places are organized perfectly and executed successfully. Various demonstrations, which are informative and entertaining for the members are held along with the various parties. Speakers like Brahmakumari Sisters are also invited to motivate the ladies. Whenever possible, free gifts are given to Mahila Mandal members who attend the meetings.

All Mahila members try to donate money as per their capability, on all the occasions, whenever possible. Thus, ensuring future planning of Mahila Mandal activities.

Since 2014, gradually the 4 Surti Modh Vanik Mahila Mandals of Surat have grown very close to Jagruti Mahila Mandal of Mumbai and participate in each others programs and activities whenever possible. The growing closeness and interaction between these 5 Mahila Mandals should be credited to all the 5 Presidents of these Mandals. They are as follows:

  1. Samast Panch Mahila Mandal, Surat – Mrs. Minaxiben Bodawala
  2. Athwa Panch Mahila Mandal, Surat – Mrs. Anuradhaben Jariwala
  3. Nanpura Panch Mahila Mandal, Surat – Mrs. Lataben Godiwala
  4. Adajan Panch Mahila Mandal, Surat – Mrs. Ramilaben Auliawala
  5. Jagruti Mahila Mandal, Mumbai – Mrs. Prabhavati Patel

Memberships from 2014 – 2022

Jagruti Mahila Mandal has succeeded to register 173 Mahila members for itself and hopes to increase its membership in future with the blessings of Mata Modheshwari and the love of its existing members.

Along with the help and cooperation of various Mahila Mandal members and the visionary leadership of Mrs. Prabhavati Patel, the Jagruti Mahila Mandal has transformed itself into a growing, inclusive and happy family, which is connected to all its members both emotionally and personally.

Notable Contributions to the Mandal from 2014 – 2022

By launching our very own two new independent websites: http://www.suratimodhvanikmumbai.org – for Jagruti Mandal and  http://www.suratimodhvanikmahilamumbai.co.in/ – for Jagruti Mahila Mandal, we have tried to step into the progressive and digital era of communication with Mandal Members. This is just the beginning; we hope to take our organisation as far as we can with the help and support of our members.

Mrs. Rekha Modi, a member of Mahila Mandal Mumbai, with the blessings of Mahila Mandal President has successfully created a WhatsApp Group of Jagruti Mahila Mandal members. An effort has been made to include as many ladies as possible in this group on mobile. Thus, ensuring there is daily 24X7 interaction between Mahila members. Currently, there are two admins of JMM whatsapp group: Mrs. Rekha Modi and Mrs. Jagruti Asmani. As of now, there are 104 members active on this Whatsapp Group.

Two independent websites have been created for Jagruti Mandal & Jagruti Mahila Mandal respectively each. Both the website creations have been a joint effort between Jagruti Mandal members and Jagruti Mahila Mandal members with the blessings of their respective Presidents. The statistical data and content inputs have been contributed by the Mandal members. The Jagruti Mahila Mandal website content is managed by Mrs. Jagruti Kirit Asmani. Both the websites have been created and developed by a new young Mahila Mandal member Mrs. Neha Hershel Asmani. She has also created Facebook page of both the mandals and also managing our websites and facebook pages.

With Mataji’s Aashirwad, we have another feather in our SMV JAGRUTI Mahila Mandal Cap.
We have created a new YouTube channel for our JMM with the name – “SSMV – Jagruti Mahila Mandal Mumbai” in November, 2021.


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Current Working Team (2022 onwards)

Current Memberships

The current registration fees are:  Rs 2000 for lifetime membership.

Website Managing Members

These wonderfull people make it all possible

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