Annual Trip – Gowardhan Milk & Cheese Factory Visit – 9/3/2019

This year JMM organised a one day visit to the Gowardhan Milk & Cheese factory at Mancher on 9/3/2019. The trip started with president Mrs. Prabhaben Patel welcoming all its members for the fun filled trip.

All the ladies first sang Ganesh stuti and Mataji‘s Aarti.

It followed with yoga session with information about all it’s advantages shown and given by Mrs. Varshaben Lapsiwala. All the ladies participated with lots of enthusiasm.

Breakfast consisting of white Dhokla – chatni  was  served in the bus along with tea / coffee and biscuits.

It was again time to continue with our journey to the Gowardhan factory. Game of Lakshmi Dhan Dhana Dhan was played. The game was handled by Varshaben Lapsiwala, Jagruti Asmani, Mamta Randeria, Deepa Khatiwala & Kashmira Mehta. All the ladies young and seniors participated with childish merriment and joy.

On reaching the Gowardhan farm, Lunch arranged by Heena Travels was enjoyed by all.

A guide then took all of us around the ‘Bhagyalakshmi Dairy Farm’ which supplies milk to the Gowardhan factory.

After the farm tour , we were guided through the Gowardhan Milk and Cheese Factory. Lots of information about the Cheese making, aging, storage and packaging was given to the ladies by the factory guide. We were also made aware of all various types of Cheese, butter, flavoured milk, flavoured lassi, milk powder, protein powder made by Gowardhan.

Ladies also got to taste various types of cheese, Cheese spreads and slice cheese.

Tea was served after the visit. Cheese pizza, cheese sandwiches, nachos with melted cheese were also served .

All ladies also received a free gift hamper each from Gowardhan factory management.

Many members also bought lots of Gowardhan products from its sales counter.

By 5 pm, it was time to begin our return journey back to Mumbai. On the way back, ladies on the bus enjoyed playing Musical Antakshari.

Snacks of Kachori, Farsan mixture packets and cupcakes were served around 7 pm.

A vote of Thanks was given by Mamta Randeria and Jagruti Asmani.

Many ladies gave donations whole heartedly.

JMM Thanks Mrs. Prabhaben Patel for sponsoring chocolates, mukhwas and Bisleri water bottles.

JMM Thanks Mrs. Kiranben Patel for sponsoring Krackjack biscuit packets and Farsan mixture packets.

JMM Thanks Mrs. Madhaviben Mody for sponsoring Kachoris.

JMM Thanks Mrs. Varshaben Lapsiwala and Mrs. Daminiben Dhabhuwala for sponsoring cupcakes.

JMM Thanks Mrs. Mamta Randeria for arrangements and getting the white Dhokla and Chatni for the trip.

JMM Thanks Mrs. Jagruti Asmani and Mrs. Kashmira Mehta for the photography of the trip.

JMM Thanks it’s committee members Mamta Randeria, Jagruti Asmani, Madhaviben Mody, Deepa Khatiwala, Kashmira Mehta for the sincere efforts to make this trip a success.

A special Thanks from JMM to Mrs. Varshaben Lapsiwala for hosting games and Yoga session.

A special Thanks from JMM to Mrs. Kiranben Patel for her help towards bus seating arrangements & pickups from Borivali to Santacruz and also dropping the members from Santacruz to Borivali.

A special mention of thanks to Mrs. Neha Asmani and Mrs. Jagruti Asmani for their technical support for our JMM website and also for handling facebook pages of JMM all through the year.