Makar Sankranti Charity Drive – 13/1/2017

This year’s charity drive was conducted for Mother Teresa Missionary Home for destitute ladies. Sisters in this home take care of sick homeless helpless ladies (irrespective of whatever religion they belong to) found on the roads of Mumbai.

The ladies of the Jagruti Mahila Mandal on the eve of the auspicious festival Makar Sankranti decided to donate things which the sisters require to take care of the destitute women in their home. All donations made were voluntary and personally given by JMM members to the Mother Superior of the mission. All the JMM members also participated in some activities of the mission home. The ladies of the home were truly happy to see all JMM ladies and interacted very well with every one. All of us were very impressed with the hygiene, cleanliness and order maintained by the sisters in the home. It was an awesome memorable morning of charity, love and Kindness.

The donations made were as follows:

1. Prabhaben Patel: 75 woollen Caps, 25 kg Rice, 5 kg Tuvar Dal, 2kg Kissan Ketchup, 5 litre Sunflower Oil, 3kg Tea, 6 litre Phenyl, 12 big packets of Marie Biscuits.

2. Mamta Randeria and Rekhaben Chapatwala: 80 Blankets.

3. Jagruti Asmani, Varini Patel & Dimple Patel: 1 Godrej large size Cupboard.

4. Deepa Khatiwala: 1 automatic Racold 3 litre Geyser, 20 large size Pepsodent gum care toothpaste.

5. Madhavi Modi: 16 kg Washing Powder, 24 plastic medical pill boxes.

6. Surbhiben Randeria: 20 kg Sugar.

7. ILaben Gandhi: 6 bottles of 1 kg Patanjali Honey.

8. Vasumati Asmani and Neha Asmani: 2 kg pure Desi Ghee, 1 kg Kissan mix fruit Jam.

9. Heena Modi and Ramilaben Modi: Medicines worth ₹ 1200/-

10. Manjulaben Lalwala (Surat – Prabhaben’s guest ):  8 bottles of Cough Syrup.

11. Bhanuben Randeri: 1 Kg Potato Wafers.

Thus, the event proved to be deeply satisfying for both the JMM ladies and the ladies of the mission. Happy Makar Sankranti to all ‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️