Navratri Mahotsav – 23/09/2017

Navratri Mahotsav program was successfuly organised on 23/09/2017. The program started with Mataji’s Aarti performed by all the members. Jagruti Asmani, on behalf of Prabhaben Patel (JMM President) welcomed everyone and introduced the guest judge for the evening Ms. Aashika Kapadia. An entry performance with Mataji and matkis was performed by all Comittee Members of JMM Management Team followed by all the members. All the designated competitions were held and judged. All members participated actively in performing Garba and Dandiya irrespective of age on the music by live DJ. Even the senior members gave healthy competition to the youngsters. The whole evening was filled with joy, laughter, music & dance. Prizes were given to the winners of the competition by all the members of the Management Team. The vote of thanks speech was given by Smt. Varshaben Lapsiwala. The attending members and guest donated generously towards JMM. We thank all our donors for their continues generous contributions & moral support towards our JMM.

This years Mataji’s Prasad of Rava Sheera was made and offered by Smt. Naynaben Khatiwala. Fruits and Dry Fruit Prasad was contributed by Prabhaben Patel.

All the Pooja decorations were a collective effort of JMM Management Team.

JMM thanks Jagruti Asmani for the function venue and the venue arrangements.

A special mention of thanks to Mrs. Neha Asmani for her technical support for our JMM website and also for handling facebook pages of JMM all through the year.

The evening ended with delicious dinner of Chaat Items like Pani-Puri, Bhel-Puri, Sev-puri, Dahi-Batata-Puri and Hot and Spicy Ragda Patties. It ended with delicious Malai Kulfi.

Navratri annual gift was distributed to all the attending members. Thus, the evening ended amidst lots of love & happiness. And also with a promise of meeting again for the next joyous event of Ponk Party.

JMM takes this opportunity to thank all its loyal members who support us by their presence & their contributions towards our Mandal. It was another successfuly organised and executed JMM event.

Prize Winners

  • Traditional Gujarati Costume:
    1. 1st Prize – Pooja Lavana
    2. 2nd Prize – Kashmira Mehta
  • Best Garba – Children:
    1. 1st Prize – Raashil Lavana
    2. 2nd Prize – Diya Mody
  • Best Garba Dancers:
    1. Age Group – 25 to 35
      1. 1st Prize – Hemali Godiwala
      2. 2nd Prize – Sangeeta Kapadia
    2. Age Group – 36 to 47
      1. 1st Prize – Jigna Patel
      2. 2nd Prize – Nisha Choksi
    3. Age Group – 48 to 60
      1. 1st Prize – Bhavna Randeria
      2. 2nd Prize – Ashaben Lavana
    4. Age Group – 61 and above
      1. 1st Prize – Naynaben Khatiwala
      2. 2nd Prize – Rekhaben Chapatwala