Navratri Mahotsav – 9/10/2021

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The SSMV Jagruti Mahila Mandal Navratri Utsav was celebrated on 9th October, 2021.

This year due to Covid restrictions and Social distancing rules, some part of the event was done online through Zoom meet. For Mataji’s Aarti and a few Garba, Managing Committee members and some JMM Sakhis attended the event venue live.

11 members recorded their Garba performances at home and sent them to the committee before hand. These performances were then streamed Online during the Live Navratri Zoom meet.

All the Sakhis Young and seniors took part with lots of enthusiasm and fun.

Everyone had a good time- online and offline ‼️

This was a very first time experience for all of us.

The program started with welcome speech by the JMM President Smt. Prabhaben Patel , followed by Mataji’s Stuti and Aarti. The Program MOC was done by Jagruti Asmani . After all the recorded performance were played, the Sakhis who were present at the Venue performed Garba. The vote of Thanks speech was given by Smt. Mamta Randeria.

The program ended with an appreciation speech by Smt. Meenakshiben Bodawala President of SSMV Samast Mahila Mandal Panch – Surat .

The Sakhis who attended the program at the venue donated generously to the Mandal .

JAGRUTI Mahila Mandal –

1)Thanks Mrs. Prabhaben for organising the event.
2)Thanks Mrs. Madhaviben Mody for the Venue and it’s arrangements.
3)Thanks Mrs. Madhaviben and Mrs. Prabhaben for their Zoom tech team.
4)Thanks Khatiwala family for the prasad ( Sheera) , Mrs. Prabhaben for dry fruit prasad .
5)Thanks Mrs. Neha Asmani and Mrs. Jagruti Asmani for the event website upload and YouTube upload and also handling the Facebook page of JMM.

With Mataji’s Aashirwad, we have a another feather in our SMV JAGRUTI Mahila Mandal Cap.
We have created a new YouTube channel for our JMM .

This year’s JMM Navratri-2021 is the first event Video to be uploaded on it.

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🌹 Jai Matadi 🌹🙏🌹

– JMM Management Team 🙏🌹