Navratri Mahotsav – Mataji’s Choki – 12/10/2019

Navratri Mahotsav program, “Mataji’s Choki” was successfully organised on 12/10/2019. The program started with Mrs. Prabhaben Patel (JMM President) welcoming everyone. She also introduced ‘Sandhyaben Joshi’ who was invited to perform Mataji’s choki with her team. Mrs. Prabhaben Patel and Mrs. Mamta Randeria welcomed her with a bouquet.

First Mataji’s Jyot was lit by all the JMM committee members, along with Mataji’s stuti.

Then, Lord Ganeshji was welcomed with his stuti. Mrs. Bhanuben Randeri graciously dressed up as Lord Ganesha made an entry and blessed everyone.

It was the time for Lord Krishna and Radha to come and spread their magic. Mrs. Bhavnaben Randeria dressed up as Krishna and Mrs. Jignasa Patel dressed up as Radha came and performed Raas-Leela on Bhajans sung by Sandhyaben and her team. It was magical.

Now, it was the time to call upon Amba Mataji for her blessings and presence. On the Call of Mataji’s Stuti, Mrs. Varshaben Lapsiwala dressed as Amba Mata made an entry and blessed everyone. She was also accompanied by JMM President Prabhaben with Mataji on her head and rest of the management team and JMM members with matkis on their head.

After welcoming all the gods and goddesses, all members enjoyed two hours of Bhajans, Stutis and Garba. All the ladies Young and old participated and played Garba with youthful zest.

All members were served chilled welcome drink.

Mataji’s Choki ended with her Aarti.

All performers were duly applauded and appreciated.

The whole evening was filled with joy, laughter, music & dance.

The vote of thanks speech was given by Mrs. Meenakshiben Choksi.

We thank all our members for their continuous presence & moral support towards our JMM.

This years Mataji’s Prasad of Rava Sheera was made and offered by Khatiwala family.

All the Pooja decorations were done by Mrs. Prabhaben Patel and Mrs. Madhviben Mody.

JMM thanks Mrs. Prabhaben Patel for the function venue and the venue arrangements.

JMM thanks Mrs. Mamta Randeria for organising flowers for Mataji’s decoration.

JMM thanks Mrs. Bhanuben Randeri, Mrs. Varshaben Lapsiwala, Mrs. Bhavnaben Randeria and Mrs. Jignasaben Patel for their participation as different gods and goddesses. We salute their efforts and enthusiasm.

A special mention of thanks to Mrs. Neha Asmani and Mrs. Jagruti Asmani for their technical support for our JMM website and also for handling facebook pages of JMM all through the year.

The evening ended with delicious dinner.

The dinner and the dry fruit prasad was sponsored by Mrs. Prabhaben Patel and Mrs. Madhviben Mody.

Navratri annual gift of Set of two steel water bottles were distributed to all the members.

Thus, the evening ended amidst lots of love & happiness. And also with a promise of meeting again for the next joyous event.

It was another successfuly organised and executed JMM event.