Satyanarayan Pooja – 30/7/2022

Please see the video by clicking on the following link :

Satyanarayan Katha / Pooja was organised by JMM Mumbai on Satuarday 30/07/2022 at Sita Sindhu Bhavan santacruz East Mumbai.

Members of JMM had participated to seek the blessings of GOD. It was 2nd day of Shravan month.

Bus transportation was sponsored by JMM from Borivali to the Venue, both the ways.

President of JMM Mrs. Mamta Randeria and her team welcomed past president Mrs. Prabhaben Patel.
All the members were welcomed with mogra Gajras.
Thereafter, pooja was started with Ganeshji Stuti & shlok.
Mrs. Mamta Randeria, Miss Bhanuben Randeria & Mrs. Kiranben Khambati participated in main Pooja.

Many members had brought their own idols and Tulsi Leaves, which were offered to god.
The pooja ended with Aarti, where all members were given chance to participate.
Thereafter, all the members were served with Tea & Coffee, Khari & Surti Jeera Butter biscuits.

After completion of pooja, Mrs. Mamta Randeria (President) and past president Mrs. Prabhaben Patel Lighted the Diyas.
President Mrs. Mamta Randeria welcomed every one with a speech & she introduced New committee Mrs. Sonal Vakawala as Vice president, Mrs. Jyoti Chapatwala, Mrs. Kashmira Mehta & Mrs. Binita Shroff as Committee members.

Everyone was happy to see new team. All the members welcomed the new committee with good round of appalause.

Also, an appeal for Donation was made and some members gave donations to the JMM generously. Management team thanked them for their generosity.

The Evening ended with delicious hot dinner of Paneer Mutter, Puri, Pulav, Kadhi, 4 types of mixed pakodas, with chutney last but not the least Sweet dish of satyanarayan pooja Sheera .

All the members enjoyed the function and promised of meeting again soon.

JMM would like to thank
1) Mrs. Kiranben Patel for Bus arrangements.
2) Mrs. Chitraben H Bhagat for sponsoring Surti Butter/khari, Fruits for Pooja and sheera as prasad and drinking water bottles for all.
3) Mrs. Sonal Vankawala for Gajras for all members.
4) Mrs. Mamta Randeria for all the items for Satyanarayana pooja along with flowers.
5) Mrs. Pooja Lavana, Mrs Minal Bhatt ( Guest ) for taking Pictures .
6) Mrs. Mamta Randeria,Mrs Sonal Vankawala,Mrs Binita Shroff,Mrs Jyoti Chapatwala Mrs Kashmira Mehta for organising & managing the whole program.
7) Mrs. Jagruti Asmani and Mrs. Neha Asmani for their technical support for our JMM website and also for handling facebook page & Youtube Channel of the mandal all through the year.