Shravan Month Tirth Yatra – Dahanu – 02/08/2017

This year Shravan month Yatra was taken to Mahalaxmi Temple and Santoshi Maa temple at Dahanu. Also Ashapura Tapobhumi, Para Shivling was visited.

The trip started with Jagruti Asmani welcoming all the JMM members to the trip on behalf of the President Mrs. Prabhaben Patel.

A delicious breakfast was arranged at Lodha Jain temple. Members enjoyed hot crispy jalebis, ganthia, Uttapam-chutney, khakhra, mung & tea – milk.

After breakfast, it was back on the bus, where Varshaben Lapsiwala, Jagruti Asmani & Deepa Khatiwala hosted a Special housie game ‘Laxmi Dhan Dhana Dhan’.

On reaching Dahanu, JMM first visited the famous Mahalaxmi temple. All members had beautiful Darshan of the Mataji and offered flowers, sweets and chundadi to her.

Next was the Santoshi Ma temple visit. Here along with other offerings, a special gud-chana Prashad was also offered to Mataji. Since the atmosphere in the temple was so peaceful & holy, all the members decided to sit in the temple and sing some Bhajans. The Sakhis also performed some Mataji Garbas and enjoyed themselves immensely.

It was now the time for lunch, consisting of Shrikhand puri, tasty Batata vada etc, which was arranged at Punit Catering in Dahanu.

After lunch, it was back on the bus to go to Ashapura Tapobhumi for the Darshan of Para Shivling. Here members took part in a small abhishek puja of the Shivling.

After the Puja and Darshan, ladies were served hot tea-coffee or cool Kokum Sherbet. Butter biscuits & chivda ( bhusu ) specially ordered from Surat were also served.

Apples, peppermint sweets, Bundi laddoos and coconut burfi were also distributed during the day on the bus.

A sponsored gift by Payal Jewellers, consisting of a set of 5 pouches were also given to all the ladies on the bus.

By 6 pm, we were on our way to Mumbai.

Packed dinner parcels were distributed to the members.

A vote of thanks speech was given by Varshaben. A moment of silence was called upon in memory of Ishwarbhai Dhabhuwala punya tithi by the members. He was the Founding Father Of SMV Jagruti Mumbai.

JMM thanks
Kiranben Patel – for catering arrangements

Kashmira Mehta – for her help all throughout the trip

Varshaben Lapsiwala – for hosting games and her vote of thanks speech.

JMM also thanks all its loyal members for their support and contributions to the Mandal.